Advanced Air Purification
for Long Term Care

LifeAire’s patented air purification for long term care keeps residents and staff safe from harmful airborne pathogens. Clinically proven. Evidence-based. Verified by US Homeland Security. Eradicates 99.99% of airborne pathogens and chemical contaminants.

LifeAire’s Air Purification for Long Term Care Provides Unparalleled Protection to Residents and Staff

It is paramount that we protect the health and safety of your residents and staff. The senior care industry was the hardest hit in 2020, but even prior, any type of infectious outbreak could greatly impact resident safety as well as census. In light of current events, it’s more critical than ever to take steps to restore peace-of-mind to your residents and their families, and mitigate any chance of a COVID, influenza, or other devastating outbreaks.

LifeAire has been addressing airborne threats to the most delicate form of human life, the embryo, for the last 10 years and are installed in over 50 medical centers across the US. Much like the embryo, our older adults possess fewer protections against harmful pathogens, and diminished ability to fight off even the slightest infections. We applied this same patented air filtration technology to hospitals, long-term-care, and dental offices, and the results of our completed clinical trials are outstanding in dramatically reducing infectious outbreaks. 

Our systems are designed to have single-pass kill rates for these viruses, and because 90% of surface fomites come from the air, by removing them from the air our systems also decreased surface contaminants by 75% in our protected areas. Depending on the pathogen, airborne threats can remain viable from a few hours to several days traveling throughout a facility’s HVAC system and into the lungs of the people inside. We put an end to this.

Hardest hit by COVID, residency down

CMS penalties for outbreaks, CDC shifting guidelines

Airborne infections can devastate, 90% of surface fomites come from the air

Need to restore peace-of-mind to residents and families

LifeAire’s patented in-duct air purification solutions for long term care remove 99.9998% of pathogens from the air and dramatically reduces contaminants from surfaces by 70-80% in clinical trials.

The results of a clinical trial involving LifeAire Air Purification Technology for Long Term Care

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Clinical Trial Completed

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Reduction in Facility Acquired Infections

Census and Resident Retention

Facility became local market leader

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