Pure air and reliable containment in prefabricated life sciences applications

PODs coupled with LifeAire Systems’ purification technology offers extreme cleanliness and stability of the air in G-CON‘s prefabricated cleanrooms. This is achieved with LifeAire’s proven and patented multi-stage filtration systems built within the POD, eliminating all toxic airborne pathogens within critical space environments on a single pass. LifeAire’s new, transformational and proven technology provides deliverables that exceed GMP metrics that have been recognized as toxic to living cell culture.

LifeAire Systems is the only system able to provide sterile air to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical environments by killing and/or removing airborne biological particulate and chemical pathogens from all sources outside and recirculated air from the space, thereby removing the variable of air from all ongoing processes.

  • Protects product run integrity
  • Eliminates costly batch contamination
  • Scalable to meet all R&D and manufacturing capacity requirements
  • Mobile functionality
  • Minimal cost impact to protect product life cycle

Proven to deliver reduced levels of nonviable particulates (ISO 6), chemical contaminants at below detection limits (PPB) and provide a 9-log reduction of viable particulates.

  • Remove up to 99.99% of biological and chemical contaminants
  • Reduce supply air volume, energy use and HVAC operating costs
  • Achieve exceptional control of production environment air quality
  • Achieve robust and reliable protection of living cell/tissue culture, transfection, and gene and cell therapy processing environments
  • Enhance product protection and safety, and improve ROI, especially important in aseptic processing