Ultra-pure in-line filtration for cylinder and house gasses

In-line filter for cylinder and house gasses
O2, N2, CO2, and tri-gas

Aire~LifeLine provides in-line air filtration with top of the line protection, delivering a better and more consistent yield of cylinder and house gasses for a wide range of medically sensitive applications in an array of industries including healthcare, IVF and life sciences.

  • In-line air filtration with state-of-the-art protection, delivering the most advanced, and longest, filtering capacity in the market

  • Comprehensive and consistent VOC remediation of cylinder and house gasses (O2, N2, CO2, and tri-gas)

  • Multi-step filtration for added protection

  • Delivers broadest VOC and particulate protection

  • Off-gassed in advanced

  • Magnetic and wall mounting bracket options

  • CE certification

The design offers quick connects for easy installation and replacement in existing set-ups.

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